Oct 14 – 24, 2021


Voodoo Macbeth

United States / 1 hr and 48 min

Category: Feature

Genre: Drama

Premiere: San Diego Premiere

Director(s): Dagmawi Abebe, Victor Alonso-Berbel, Roy Arwas, Hannah Bang, Christopher Beaton, Agazi Desta, Tiffany Kontoyiannis Guillen, Zoe Salnave, Ernesto Sandoval, Sabina Vajraca
Producer(s): Jason Phillips, Miles Alva, Xiaoyuan Xiao
Screenwriter: Agazi Desta, Jennifer Frazin, Morgan Milender, Molly Miller, Amri Rigby, Joel David Santner, Erica Sutherlin, Chris Tarricone
Starring: Jewell Wilson Bridges , Inger Tudor, June Schreiner, Jeremy Tardy, Daniel Kuhlman, Wrekless Watson, Ashli Haynes, Gary McDonald, Hunter Bodine

Synopsis: In 1936 Harlem,  director Rose McClendon convinces co-director John Houseman to help her bring Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” to the Harlem community — with an all-Black cast. They choose a gifted but untested 21-year-old director by the name of Orson Welles, whose reimagined Haitian vision for the Scottish play is as daring and fresh as the cast and crew themselves.


Virtual Screening Theatre: TBA