Oct 14 – 24, 2021

Poster A2 VERT 2 EN

Unnecessary things

Ukraine / 14 min

Category: Short Narrative, First time Filmmaker, International (Foreign) Film

Genre: Animation

Premiere: Southern California Premiere

Director: Dmytro Lisenbart
Producer: Vitalii Khalo
Screenwriter(s): Dmytro Lisenbart, Andriy Rushkovsky with Valeriy Pugashkin
Starring: Andriy Sereda, Dmytro Havrylov, Olexandr Ignatusha

Synopsis: Could a robot adopt a pet in the near future? – Sure, why not. – Could this pet be a human? – Well, it could be possible in the future. – Could they become friends? – Probably yes. – …And what would become of the robot afterwards? – Listen, to hell with your questions!


Virtual Screening Theatre: TBA