Oct 14 – 24, 2021

To Be A Black Girl

To Be A Black Girl – in America

United States / 2 min

Release Year: 2020

Category: Black Lives Matter Challenge

Genre: Experimental

Director: Deanna Griffin
Producer: Deanna Griffin
Screenwriter(s): Deanna Griffin & Dominique Viard
Starring: Camryn Blake, Dominique Viard, Jada Young, Kennedy Benjamin, Moya Leung, and Rodjinie Petitfrere

Synopsis: To Be A Black Girl in America is a short experimental film created to give just a glimpse of what Black Womanhood in America stands for. It is a feel-good film with visuals of Carefree Black Girls accompanied by a Poem expressing how it feels inside to live as a Black Girl in America on an everyday basis.


Virtual Screening Theatre:

SAN DIEGO THEATER: SD Local Films On-Demand

Available On-Demand from October 15th – 24th