Oct 14 – 24, 2021

The Game Of Fortune

The Game of Fortune

United States / 11 min

Release Year: 2021

Category: San Diego Film Week

Genre: Suspense, Drama

Director: Lenti Liang
Producer(s): Lenti Liang, Hazel Li, Rui Zhang, Will Conlin
Screenwriter(s): Lenti Liang, Rui Zhang
Starring: Will Conlin, Chad Scott Caisse, Mark Vidano, Braedon Lamee, Bo Cushing, Kyley Inman

Synopsis: In an attempt to escape his financial woes, a young drifter walks into a mysterious bar filled with shifty card-players who invite him to play a hand. After one innocent round turns into many, luck seems to be on his side, but for how long will his game of fortune last?


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