The Mohel Poster 2

The Mohel

Canada / 14 min

Category: Drama, International Film

Premiere: California Premiere

Director(s): Charles Wahl
Producer(s): Charles Wahl, Evan Kelly, Gharrett Patrick Paon
Screenwriter(s): Charles Wahl
Cast: Daniel Maslany, Kaelen Ohm, Sam Rosenthal, Sherry Smith, Bob Mann, Joanne Miller.

Synopsis: After celebrating the birth of their first child, James & Lola are faced with family expectations and financial strain as they fly in a Mohel to perform their son’s Brit Milah – The circumcision ceremony.

Available in The Cove On Demand Theater
Live Screening in Fest Theater: SXSW Selects
5/15 @ 12:30 PM
5/16 @ 8:30 PM