Oct 14 – 24, 2021


Somos Ecos

Colombia / 1 hr and 23 min

Category: First Time Director and Foreign

Genre: Military

Premiere: World Premiere

Director(s): Julián Díaz Velosa
Producer(s): Mateo Vergara, Mabel Velosa, Diana Ojeda, Tyler Rousseau, Emanuele Moretti, Giorgio Bruno
Screenwriter: Julián Díaz Velosa
Starring: Sebastian Velasquez, Felipe Villamil, Maria Luisa Lopez, Felipe Correa Estrada, Mario Jurado, Sharon Guzman (Luz: The Flower of Evil), Lise Lenne, David Velasquez (Pickpockets) Mauricio Salas, Liliana Calderón, Henry Arias, Jhoan Moreno, Jabier Esneider Cruz, and Howard Martinez

Synopsis: An armed conflict of more than 50 years crosses the destiny of three adolescents. A reluctant punk, an undercover guerrilla, and a recruited peasant girl are led by orders from their superiors to the battlefield.


Virtual Screening Theatre: TBA