Oct 14 – 24, 2021

Prisoner In My Own Skin Poster

Prisoner In My Own Skin

United Kingdom / 3 min

Release Year: 2020

Category: Black Lives Matter Film Challenge

Genre: Short Documentary

Director: Abhinav Varun Revis
Producer: Abhinav Varun Revis
Screenwriter: Abhinav Varun Revis
Starring: Jessica Deebank

Synopsis: The murder of George Floyd created an epicentre of outcry, which rippled all over the world. Landing in my town- Hereford, we asked ourselves what does this have to do with us? Hearts unsettled members of my community took to the streets to show solidarity with those oppressed simply because of their colour/race. As a person of colour myself living in a predominately white society I was particularly disturbed by the story of a girl called Jessica who shared at the protest. From a young age, she experienced racism and growing up felt like ‘a prisoner in her own skin.’ This short documentary is for her and every child of colour who wants to belong and feel safe. It’s for my future children to grow up in a world where they can be free in their skin.


Virtual Screening Theatre:

SAN DIEGO THEATER: SD Local Films On-Demand

Available On-Demand from October 15th – 24th