Oct 14 – 24, 2021

Oyáte Un Itówapi FilmPoster (1)

Oyáte un Itówapi – Pictures of my People

United States / 5 min

Category: Short Doc

Genre: American Indian – Social Justice – NFL Sports Feature

Premiere: North American Premiere

Director: Mark Rugerg
Producer(s): Jim Warne, Mark Rugerg and Brian Alexander
Screenwriter(s): Mark Ruberg and Jim Warne
Starring: Jim Warne (7th Generation, The Substitute, Hunter, Invisible Man)

Synopsis: Athlete Social Justice Advocates were celebrated on FOX “Voices”, Martin Luther King Special. The 2020 NFL Social Justice Series on FOX NFL Pregame featured “Oyáte un Itówapi – Pictures of my People”. Jim Warne, Oglala Lakota, co-produced and wrote this short film addressing Native perspective of mascots and Indigenous Culture.


Virtual Screening Theatre: TBA