Oct 14 – 24, 2021


Moving Out

 United States / 12 min

Category: Short Narrative

Genre: Drama, LGBTIA+, Local San Diego

Premiere: World Premiere

Director: Rachel Earnest
Producer(s): PRODUCERS Rachel Earnest and Ashley Monti EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS Simone Ling, Zoe Sua Cho, Donna Choo, Karenssa LeGear
Screenwriter(s): SCREENPLAY BY Rachel Earnest STORY BY Rachel Earnest and Ashley Monti
Starring: Carolyn Grundman
Valerie Gould
Curtis Fortier
Lorena Davey
Brooke McCormick
Karenssa LeGear
Adam Noble
Chris Reese
Kira Omans
Camille Killion
Milda Dacys
Paul Keating
Vitaly GK

Synopsis: A young college student lives at home with her parents in Oceanside, California. In love with her best friend who has just married someone else, she becomes confounded by faith and ultimately must risk telling her parents who she really is in order to save herself.


Virtual Screening Theatre: TBA