OCTOBER 18 – 22, 2023


Executive Chef Michelle Angelica Velez

Born in New York, and raised in Panama with her A’buela until the age of 8, Chef Shelly learned about
making fresh, flavorful food and how to effectively use herbs to spice things up. With a military father
and nurse mother, Shelly thought about becoming a Paralegal, but after receiving a Betty Crocker
cookbook for her 12th birthday, cooking became her passion. Shelly’s professional journey began in 1995
and she thrived in the fast paced environment starting with corporate cooking, working up to
In 2008, Shelly took control of her first kitchen at Guava Beach Bar and Grill, and after 6 years made the
tough decision to leave her family there and start a new adventure at Pillbox Tavern in Solana Beach.
With the help of a great, supportive staff, Shelly has expanded her repertoire and crafted an amazing
menu with fresh sauces and dressings all of her design. Now with her second location as Executive Chef
for Nautilus Tavern, bringing the same great food and flavors to La Jolla clientele.
Miss Shelly (as she’s known by her friends) has found her niche at Pillbox and Nautilus and looks
forward to continuing the creative adventures that she has successfully pursued for more than 20 years.
Miss Shelly