Oct 14 – 24, 2021

Man Up In Lockdown Poster

Man Up in Lockdown

United Kingdom / 20 min

Category:Short Doc / Quaratine Inspired / LGBTQ+

Premiere: World Premiere

Director: Ruicheng Liang
Producer(s): Ruicheng Liang
Screenwriter(s): Ruicheng Liang
Cast: Richard Energy

Synopsis: In March 2020, Janina Smith, within the earliest-and-hardest-hit arts industry in the pandemic, lost their performance job in London before lockdown. Surprisingly, they not only start from scratch, exploring digital space to perform as a drag king playing with toxic masculinity, but also discover their true identity, non-binary gender expression, and queerness through the drag community. Not until experiencing the loss of audience and return to theatre after lockdown, they just realise performing on stage is the career they desire and vital to their existence. However, on 31st October, the government suddenly announce the second lockdown a few minutes before they are to begin a Halloween gig, which means having their dream being taken away again.

Available in The Cove On Demand Theater
Live Screening in Festival Theater: Quarantine Inspired
5/14 @ 12:30 PM