OCTOBER 18 – 22, 2023


Liv&Bell ” Bell’s long thin friend “

Japan/ 5 min

Release Year: 2022

Category: Animation

Premiere: West Coast Premiere

Director(s): Natsuki Kida
Producer(s): Ryosuke Komine,Izumi Nakazawa
Screenwriter(s): Natsuki Kida+Naoya Kida
Starring: N/A

Synopsis: A story about a girl, Liv, and a hedgehog, Bell, who travel in a flying house. One day, in a beautiful but desolate town, they meet a long, thin creature with no energy, and their adventure begins.


Available On Demand on Elevent Virtual Platform

Wednesday, October 19th – Sunday October 23rd

*Viewable within the U.S. only