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Last Chance

USA / 8 min

Category: San Diego Film Awards Nominated Films

Premiere: San Diego Premiere

Director: George Jac
Producer(s): George Jac, Luke Pensabene, Jayce Venditti
Screenwriter(s): George Jac
Cast: Jayce Venditti, Eva Ceja, Brian Jackson, Jonnie Maze, Jordan Jacobo, Breaunna Lake, Mark Atkinson, C.J. Nowakowski, Boualem Hassaine, Marty Fallor, Luke Pensabene, Blair Robb, Bryan Delmendo, Kevin Michael Cain & Wendell Miracle.

Synopsis: In a world characterized by the ‘Fake News Era.’–a journalist named Eddie Lowry, finds himself at the precipitous edge of compromise-where he must either surrender his morals of journalistic integrity-or lose everything.

Available in the Locals On Demand Theater