I'm+Free,You+Are+Free 03+copy

I’m Free Now, You Are Free

USA / 14 min

Category: Short Doc, Human Rights/ Social Impact Issues

Premiere: California Premiere

Director: Ash Goh Hua
Producer(s): Arielle Knight
Screenwriter(s): Ash Goh Hua
Cast: Debbie Africa, Mike Africa Jr (40 Years A Prisoner, The Inheritance)

Synopsis: When Mike Africa Jr. was born in prison, he spent just three days with his mother Debbie Africa, a formerly incarcerated political prisoner of the MOVE9, before prison guards wrenched him away. They spent the next 40 years struggling for freedom and for each other. I’M FREE NOW, YOU ARE FREE reflects on their reunion, and meditates on Black family preservation as resistance against state violence.

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