Hold On

USA / 5 min

Category: San Diego Film Awards Nominated Films

Premiere: San Diego Premiere

Director: Pip Cowley
Producer(s): Brecht Vanthof
Screenwriter(s): Pip Cowley
Cast:Jo’Artis “Mijo Bull” Ratti, Rameer Colon, Aahkilah, Sam Donohue, Sasha Mallory, Hob Dot, Greg “6adnewz” Aldana, Hitmakerchinx

Synopsis: A powerful new short dance film, soundtracked by Gil Scott-Heron’s “Alien (Hold On To Your Dreams),” featuring Jo’Artis “Big Mijo” Ratti protesting via Krumping within feet of the LAPD at a recent Black Lives Matter protest. Says Big Mijo, one of the founders of the South Central-born Krumping movement and a professional dancer for +10 years, “Krump I present to so many as a way to show my Physical and emotional trauma, a way for liberation, my therapy, my confession to this circumstance.” LA-based filmmaker and photographer Pip Cowley sought to spotlight eight professional dancers in different locations around Los Angeles. The film’s mission was to present dance as a form of protest, an act of cathartic release, and a method of peaceful assembly.

Available in the Locals On Demand Theater