Oct 14 – 24, 2021

George Floyd

George Floyd: Say Their Names

United States / 8 min

Release Year: 2020

Category: Black Lives Matter Film Challenge

Genre: Music, Call to Action, Social Justice

Director(s): Chris Oledude & Alyssa Dann
Producer(s): Chris Oledude & Alyssa Dann
Screenwriter(s): Chris Oledude & Alyssa Dann
Starring: Chris Oledude, Wendy Ward, & The Angels of The Transformation Dancers

Synopsis: When will the “last” time be the LAST time? On October 19th, 2020, four months after its Juneteenth release, Chris Oledude’s second single, “George Floyd”, was “re-presented” through the award-winning video entitled “George Floyd: Say Their Names. This song came together over the course of a few days as I witnessed — with gratitude, tears and surprise — the breadth and depth of the emerging multi-racial ‘change coalition. We need stability and a focus on people first to rejuvenate our nation!


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