Oct 14 – 24, 2021

Far From Kawthoolei

Far From Kawthoolei

United States / 20 min

Release Year: 2020

Category: San Diego Film Week

Genre: Documentary

Director: Brian Myers
Producer: Brian Myers
Screenwriter: Brian Myers
Starring: April Moo, Kay Ze, Hsihsa Thaw

Synopsis: Far From Kawthoolei explores the community that forms around the Karen family center in San Diego, California and its self-help network of refugees from Burma (Myanmar). Multiple perspectives guide a story that offers a better understanding of the Karen diaspora and their relationship to history as they envision a future unbound from war or refuge. Refugees from Burma unite at the Karen Organization of San Diego, an ethnic community based organization, to support the prosperity of a new generation born in the US who have not experienced the trauma of war crimes or the affinity of a people bonded to fight for self-determination. Far From Kawthoolei asks how Karen youth and their foreign-born refugee parents support one another’s integration into American society and reveals complexities in generational identities.


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