Oct 14 – 24, 2021



United States / 11 min

Category: Short Narrative, First time Filmmaker

Genre: Drama

Premiere: San Diego Premiere

Director: Kelsey Fordham
Producer(s): Nicole Murray, Kelsey Fordham
Screenwriter: Kelsey Fordham
Starring: Kelsey Fordham
James C. Victor (12 Years a Slave, The Standford Prison Experiment)
Aria Song (For All Mankind)
Savira Windyani (Unfriended: Dark Web)
Matt Pascua (Grey’s Anatomy)
Chris Graham (Legends & Lies)

Synopsis: Lenna is thrust into the spotlight when the details of her sexual assault go viral. As her story spreads, lines blur between physical reality and the social media world when a swarm of strangers force their way into her home and frantically rifle through her belongings.


Virtual Screening Theatre: TBA