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Cherry Bomb

USA / 9 min

Category: Student Film, LGBTQIA+

Premiere: World Premiere

Director: Carolyn Knapp
Producer(s): Kendall Huff, Liv Coron
Screenwriter(s): Carolyn Knapp
Cast: Georgie – Winona Weber, Violet – Dahlia-Belle Sirvio, Nick – Paolo Laskero, Celie – Madison Anderson

Synopsis: This queer coming of age short film depicts the feeling of having to prove your own sexuality after coming out in high school. When seventeen year old Georgie ditches her younger sister Violet in an attempt to save her relationship, we find that Violet isn’t going to give up on a fun night with Georgie that easily.

Available in The Cove On Demand Theater
Live Screening in Festival Theater: Student Spotlight
5/16 @ 12:30 PM