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Brother, I Cry

Canada / 1 hr and 37 min

Category: Feature

Genre: American Indian

Premiere: United States Premiere

Director(s): Jessie Anthony
Producer(s): Jessie Anthony & Andy Hodgson
Screenwriter: Jessie Anthony
Starring: Justin Rain ( Fear the walking Dead, Tribal, Blackstone) Lauren Hill ( Debut film) Violet Cameron ( Batwoman, Arrow) Jay Cardinal Villeneuve (Beans, The Body Remembers When) Eric Schweig ( Last of the Mohicans, Blackstone)

Synopsis: Jon, a young First Nations man, is struggling to overcome addiction and avoid the multiple warrants out on him. But he has several strong women in his corner: his girlfriend, his sister, his mother, and his unborn daughter, they are all hoping he can master his demons.


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