OCTOBER 18 – 22, 2023

Czarna Owca Plakat (1)


Poland / 1 hr 45 min

Release Year: 2022

Category: Feature, International (Foreign) Film, Female Filmmaker

Premiere: San Diego Premiere

Director(s): Aleksander Pietrzak
Producer(s): Anna Waśniewska – Gill
Screenwriter(s): Bartosz Kozera
Starring: Arkadiusz Jakubik (Arek), Magdalena Popławska (Magda), Kamil Szeptycki (Tomek), Agata Różycka (Joanna), Włodzimierz Press ( grandfather).

Synopsis: “Black Sheep” is a warm and moving comedy drama about bonds that are impossible to break. The film tries to give a humorous answer to many important questions regarding family relations and growing up.
Magda, a teacher in a catholic high school, is hiding from everyone the fact that she prefers women, Arek has not been able to find a job for a long time now, and Tomek, a popular youtuber, is motivated mainly by self-interest. The trouble starts when Magda, tired of living a secret life, decides to follow her heart and triggers a cascade of events. Asia breaks up with Tomek, the grandfather disappears, and Arek has problems with getting his life back on track. When troubles, conflicts and desires that have been repressed for many years finally explode, everybody starts to live their own life. Or at least they think they do… Will every character find their own path to happiness?


Sunday, October 23rd,
11:15 am
AMC UTC 14 (Formerly Arclight Cinemas)
4425 La Jolla Village Dr, San Diego, CA 92122

Available On Demand on Elevent Virtual Platform
Wednesday, October 19th – Sunday October 23rd
*Viewable within the U.S. only