Bambirak BORDER 270x400 RGB HQ


Germany / 14 min

Category: Drama, Human Rights/ Social Impact Issues, International Film

Premiere: Southern California Premiere

Director: Zamarin Wahdat
Producer(s): Joy Jorgensen
Screenwriter(s): Zamarin Wahdat
Cast: Lara Cengiz, Kailas Mahadevan, Merle Collet, O

Synopsis: When 8-year-old Kati stows away in her father’s delivery van, Faruk must juggle his responsibilities as a single dad while holding down his first job in a new country. As their relationship deepens, a brush with covert racism tests the bond between a father and daughter.

Available in The Cove On Demand Theater
Live Screening in Festival Theater: Sundance Selects
5/14 @ 6:30 PM
5/16 @ 4:30 PM