Zotteken Waes

Back to Zotteken Waes

The Netherlands / 19 min

Category:  Drama, International Film

Premiere: North American Premiere

Director: Lobke de Boer
Producer(s): Marrit Greidanus, Pien Maat, Kim Verdegem
Screenwriter(s): Tom Bronsema
Cast: Ward Kerremans, Sam Louwyck, Mattias van de Vijver, Gert Portael, Eliano Etehemi, Wonder Lebacq

Synopsis: In ‘Back to Zotteken-Waes’, Mathis returns to his native village to collect an early inheritance from his dying father, the infamous criminal Nicolas. His father is willing to give him the money, on one condition…

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Live Screening in Festival Theater: International Spotlight
5/16 @ 2:15 PM