Oct 14 – 24, 2021

Atomic Coverup Promo, Poster – Version 2

Atomic Cover-Up

USA / 52 min

Category: Feature, Documentary, First time Filmmaker

Genre: Social Impact,

Premiere: Southern California Premiere

Director: Greg Mitchell
Producer(s): Greg Mitchell, Suzanne Mitchell
Screenwriter: Greg Mitchell
Starring: Osamu Inoue, Dennis Predovic, Rod Burgos

Synopsis: Atomic Cover-up” is the first documentary to explore the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki from the unique perspective and startling images of the brave Japanese and Americans who risked their lives exploring the aftermath. This historic footage was then seized, classified top secret, and buried by the U.S. for decadesto hide the full human costs of the bombings.


Virtual Screening: TBA