Oct 14 – 24, 2021



United States / 15 min

Category: Short Narrative

Genre: Experimental

Premiere: San Diego Premiere

Director: Kiana Harris
Producer: Kiana Harris
Screenwriter: Kiana Harris
Starring: Mother Ancestor: Debra Harris
Director: Kiana Harris
Assistant Director: Ebony Arunga
Consultant: Kristina Clark
Editor: Kiana Harris
Dancers: Alexander Jackson, Marcus Cooper aka King Crvwnz, Kiana Harris, Savion Englesberg, Gloria Jackson- Nefertiti, Shavon Hayes, Justice Calo Reign, Zahra Garrett, Christopher Glenn, Marxa Marnia, Kamilah Constable, Tara Newton
Music: Mark Anthony Chubb
Soundscape: Kiana Harris
Cinematographers: Daniel Mimura camera b & Steadicam, Sebastien Scandiuzzi camera a
Crew: Ursula Mosqueira, Camella Cooper, Emily Zisette, Kristina Clark
Make-up: Anum Afza, Diamond SJ James
Costumes provided by: Gansango Music and Dance Company, Kristina Clark, Ebony Arunga

Synopsis: ‘AJE IJO’ Short Dance Film Series centers the humanity, resiliency, vulnerability of black & african diasporic people [of all genders], interrogating the western gender binary and interrupting accompanying notions of masculinity and femininity. Our individual and collective complexity, survival, thriving, and ultimately our healing as a people are at stake, and compel the elaboration of this narrative. To this end, the film elicits elements of spiritual cosmologies of the african diaspora, particularly those that emerge from the Yoruba divine consciousness, Ifa, and the Orisa (deities) that comprise it.


Virtual Screening Theatre: TBA