OCTOBER 18 – 22, 2023

SDIFF 48HFP Thumbnail

48 Hour Film Project

by Cimitoro Productions
Genres: Crime/Gangster -or- Heist
The employees of a corrupt, art-collecting gangster pull a heist to robinhood his car, but is that
what they’re really after?
TRT 5:26

CIA: Myers Sisters
by Bokeh Pictures
Genres: Silent Film -or- Family Film
A CIA officer reunites with a family member on the run in Latin America.
TRT 6:38

Into the Daylight
by Blackstone River
Genres: Fish Out of Water -or- Coming of Age
Fitting in, in sunny Southern California suburbia is so hard, especially when you’re a vampire.
TRT 7:57

by Film Logic Studios
Genres: Silent Film -or- Musical
Girl running through woods to escape the watcher.
TRT 7:10

by Jake Byrd Productions
Genres: Superhero -or- Vacation/Holiday Film
A disturbed Priest uses cruel punishments to teach his congregation a lesson.
TRT 7:16

by FORA Productions’
Genres: Drama -or- Mystery
A man who has lost his way is guided by mysterious forces to fulfill his life’s purpose.
TRT 7:58

Serenity Garden
by Let’s Get Rolling
Genres: Comedy -or- Doppelganger/Mistaken Identity
A couple is perturbed when meeting a world-renowned artist whose unusual tactics inspire more
than just a painting.
TRT 7:36

by Axiomatic Twist
Genres: Sci Fi -or- Doppelganger/Mistaken Identity
Three intergalactic salvage scrappers descend on a planetary outpost– only to discover that it
may not be as abandoned as they expected.
TRT 7:21

Femme de Heist
by Jabronie Pictures X Almost Good Films
Genres: Film de Femme -or- Heist
A young woman must outsmart multiple teams all fighting to steal a priceless watercolor.
TRT 5:48

Carry On
by Snarky Films
Genres: Dark Comedy -or- Revenge
TSA Agents deal with the trials and tribulations of their jobs.
TRT 7:54

He’s my Lobster
by Dog Jaw Productions
Genres: Mockumentary -or- Period Piece
A hopeless romantic is in a relationship with a lobster.
TRT 6:35

by Newhan Media
Genres: Sci Fi -or- Family Film
A new device allows a therapist to enter his patient’s mind, but there are uncertainties regarding
its efficacy.
TRT 7:40


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On Demand: Wednesday, October 19th – 23rd