OCTOBER 18 – 22, 2023

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San Diego International Film Festival Announces 2019 Films & Honorees


Festival lineup announced; 107 Films in Gala, Spotlight, Narrative, Documentary, and Short Selections; Festival to kick off this year from October 15th to 20th

SAN DIEGO/LOS ANGELES, CA (September 4, 2019) – The San Diego International Film Festival, produced by the San Diego Film Foundation, announced today that they will honor Laurence Fishburne (THE MATRIX SERIES) with the annual Gregory Peck Award, Jared Harris (Chernobyl) with the Cinema Vanguard Award, and Jillian Bell (BRITTANY RUNS A MARATHON) with the Fairbanks Award.  They will all be honored at The Night of the Stars Tribute award ceremony October 18th at the Pendry San Diego in Downtown San Diego, CA.  

Gala Features this year include highly-anticipated films such as JOJO RABBIT, MOTHERLESS BROOKLYN, A HIDDEN LIFE, KILL TEAM, CLEMENCY and MARRIAGE STORY. Now in its 18th year, the San Diego International Film Festival will run from October 15th through October 20th in San Diego, CA. The most up to date festival information is available at www.sdfilmfest.com 

 Fishburne, recipient of this year’s Gregory Peck Award, is an accomplished actor, producer, and director perhaps best known for his role as Morpheus in THE MATRIX TRILOGY. Fishburne received a Best Actor Oscar nomination for the Tina Turner biopic, WHAT’S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT, and has also appeared in John Singleton’s BOYZ IN THE HOOD and HIGHER LEARNING, Steven Spielberg’s THE COLOR PURPLE, Clint Eastwood’s MYSTIC RIVER and cult classics, DEEP COVER and KING OF NEW YORK. Fishburne’s recent work includes the ABC-TV hit series “black-ish” (which he also produces), PASSENGERS, Marvel’s ANT MAN AND THE WASP, JOHN WICK 3, and he will next be seen in RUNNING WITH THE DEVIL.

Harris’ prolific career showcases his ability to execute different characters, garnering him praise within the television, film, and stage community. He was most recently seen in HBO’s 5-part miniseries, Chernobyl, which earned him a Primetime Emmy Nomination. His upcoming projects include Carnival Row and MORBIUS. Harris’ extensive film career debuted with THE RACHEL PAPERS, leading to credits including LINCOLN, SHERLOCK HOLMES: A GAME OF SHADOWS, THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON, and I SHOT ANDY WARHOL. Television credits include, Mad Men in which he was Emmy nominated, The Crown, in which he received BAFTA and SAG nominations, The Terror, The Expanse, Fringe, the Other Boleyn Girl. 

With her versatility in writing and acting, Fairbanks Award recipient Jillian Bell has established herself as a leading force in film and television. Jillian executive produced and stars in BRITTANY RUNS A MARATHON and will star in next year’s BILL & TED FACE THE MUSIC opposite Keanu Reeves. Since her breakout role in 22 JUMP STREET, her additional credits INCLUDE ROUGH NIGHT, OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY, GOOSEBUMPS, THE NIGHT BEFORE, Workaholics, Eastbound & Down, Portlandia, Partners, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Idiotsitter, which she co-created and starred in. Jillian recently sold a remake of the film SPLASH to Disney, and can be heard on FOX’s animated series, Bless The Harts.

“We couldn’t be more excited to honor Lawrence, Jared and Jillian for their roles in the industry. These awards are merely an indication of all the fine work they have already done, and will continue to do so in the future,” said Tonya Mantooth, CEO and Artistic Director of the San Diego International Film Festival.  

Leading the program at this year’s festival are the Gala Features screenings, which include 6 titles of various genres.  

In addition, the San Diego International Film Festival is proud to screen narrative, documentary and short films, both in and out of competition, vying for top award honors. The lineup below includes 107 films total, 5 Narrative Spotlight Competition films, 20 Narrative Competition films, 9 Documentary Competition films, and 66 Short films. 

The Opening Night film premiere will be held at the historic Balboa Theater. Film screenings will be at the Theater Box in Downtown San Diego, and ArcLight Cinemas, Westfield UTC in La Jolla. The complete list of 2019 San Diego Film Festival titles including descriptions will soon be available at www.sdfilmfest.com.  

To attend get a Festival passes or individual tickets. Festival pass holders receive access to film screenings panels and parties and may reserve early. Festival VIP passes include complimentary valet parking and access to the official VIP lounge with complimentary drinks. Everyone that attends has the opportunity to meet filmmakers and make important industry contacts. Visit www.sdfilmfest.com to learn more.

For more information regarding passes/tickets, press accreditation, industry passes, or sponsorship opportunities, please visit www.sdfilmfest.com

San Diego International Film Festival is produced by the nonprofit, San Diego Film Foundation.

More additions will be added to the program and announced soon.



Gala Features (6)

  • JoJo Rabbit, Dir. Taika Waititi, Germany, USA, So. California Premiere
  • A Hidden Life, Dir. Terrence Malik, USA, So. California Premiere
  • Clemency, Dir. Chinonye Chukwu, USA, So. California Premiere
  • The Kill Team, Dir. Dan Krauss., USA, So. California Premiere 
  • Motherless Brooklyn, Dir. Edward Norton, USA, So. California Premiere
  • Marriage Story, Dir. Noah Baumbach, USA, So. California Premiere

Spotlight Competition (5)

  • The Truth, Dir. Hirokazu Kore-eda , France/ Japan, So. California Premiere
  • Ordinary Love, Dir. Lisa Barros D’Sa; Glenn Leyburn , UK, California Premiere
  • Parasite, Dir. Joon-ho Bong, South Korea, So. California Premiere
  • A Portrait of a Lady on Fire, Dir. Céline Sciamma, France, So. California Premiere
  • Sea Of Shadows, Dir.Richard Ladkani, Sean Bogle, Matthew Podolsky, USA, San Diego Premiere

Narrative Competition (20)

  • 100 Days, Dir. Ravin Gandhi ,USA, World Premiere
  • Inside Game, Dir. Randall Batinkoff , USA, World Premiere
  • Safe Inside, Dir. Renata Gabryjelska , Luxembourg/ Poland, World Premiere 
  • Love in Kilnery, Dir. Daniel Keith, Snorri Sturluson , USA, North American Premiere
  • The Steed, Dir. Erdenebileg Ganbold, Mongolia, North American Premiere
  • Immortal Hero, Dir. Hiroshi Akabane, Japan, World Premiere
  • Hawaii, Dir. Jesús del Cerro , Romania, North American Premiere
  • Eve, Dir. Rory Kindersley, UK , North American Premiere
  • Doing Money, Dir. Lynsey Miller, UK, West Coast Premiere
  • Angelique’s Isle, Dir. Marie-Hélène Cousineau and Michelle Drosier, Canada, U.S. Premiere
  • The Great Alaskan Race, Dir. Brian Presley , USA, World Premiere
  • Safe Spaces, Dir. Daniel Schechter, USA, West Coast Premiere
  • Light From Light, Dir. Paul Harrill , USA, U.S. Premiere
  • Babysplitters, Dir. Sam Friedlander, USA, California Premiere
  • Extra Ordinary, Dir. Mike Anern, Dir. Enda Loughman, Luxembourg, Poland, California Premiere
  • By The Grace Of God, Dir. François Ozon , France/ Belgium, San Diego Premiere
  • Temblores, Dir. Jayro Bustamante, Guatemala, France, Luxembourg, San Diego Premiere
  • Buck Run, Dir. Nick Frangione, Romania, San Diego Premiere
  • Philophobia, Dir. Guy Davies, UK, San Diego Premiere
  • Carol of the Bells, Dir. Joey Travolta, USA,  West Coast Premiere

Documentary Competition (9)

  • My Body Is Not A Weapon, Dir. Platon, USA/ CONGO, California Premiere
  • Funke, Dir. Gab Taraboulsy, USA, San Diego Premiere
  • Condor and The Eagle, Dir. Sophie & Clement Guerra, Germany, France, USA, California Premiere
  • Breaking Their Silence: Women On The Frontline Of The Poaching War, Dir. Kerry David, USA, San Diego Premiere
  • She Is Ocean, Dir. Inna Blokhina, USA/ Germany/ Indonesia/ Portugal, North American Premiere
  • Bellingcat: Truth In A Post-Truth World, Dir. Hans Pool, Netherlands, North American Premiere
  • The Dead Soldier, Dir. Jesper Ærø, Denmark, West Coast Premiere
  • We Rise Up, Dir. Michael Shaun Conaway, USA, San Diego Premiere
  • Tribes on the Edge, Dir. Céline Cousteau, Brazil, So California Premiere

Shorts Tracks Competition  (66)

Shorts Screening in Front of Features:

  • Surfing With Sugar, Dir. Kelly Noecker, USA, San Diego Premiere
  • Artist Chato, Dir. Andrew Pittman, USA, World Premiere
  • For the Love of the Game, Dir. Troy Edige, USA, World Premiere

Global Consciousness:

  • Anas v. the Giant, Dir. Adrienne Collatos, USA, San Diego Premiere
  • Sides Of A Horn, Dir. Toby Wosskow, USA, San Diego Premiere
  • Medina’s Song, Dir. Bob Miller, USA, West Coast Premiere
  • WALL, Dir. Alejandro Irias Leiva, Honduras, West Coast Premiere
  • Piqua-Terror, Dir. Yonatan Shehoah, Israel, San Diego Premiere
  • Savage, Dir. Denis Dobrovoda, UK, California Premiere

Twisted Humor:

  • PIG, Dir. Evan Powers, USA, San Diego Premiere
  • Sorry, Not Sorry, Dir. Monique Sorgen, USA, San Diego Premiere
  • 40 Minutes Over Maui, Dir. Josh Covitt, Michael Feld, USA, California Premiere
  • Behave Kids, Dir. Michael Lappen, USA, San Diego Premiere
  • Nailed, Dir. Nickolas Gilbert, USA, So. California Premiere
  • Cannonball, Dir. Sean Fredricks, USA, California Premiere
  • Piggy Bank Proposition, Dir. Michael Lappen, USA, San Diego Premiere
  • Best Seller, Dir. Nora Kirkpatrick, USA, San Diego Premiere

 A Stranger in a Strange Land:

  • Men Of Vision, Dir. Frank Todaro, USA, San Diego Premiere
  • This Time Away, Dir. Magali Barbé, UK, California Premiere
  • The Seahorse Trainer, Dir. Babak Bina, Ricardo Bonisoli, USA, San Diego Premiere
  • Long Time Listener, First Time Caller, Dir. Nora Kirkpatrick, USA, West Coast Premiere
  • The Five Minutes, Dir. Shange Zhang, USA, San Diego Premiere
  • Low Tide, Dir. Ian Hunt Duffy, Ireland, West Coast Premiere

 Decisive moments:

  • Anna, Dir. Dekel Berenson, Ukraine, North American Premiere
  • Uncaged: A Stand In Story, Dir. Blake Johnston, Kelso Steinhoff, CANADA, San Diego Premiere
  • Mrs. Pepita, Do Not Steal, Dir. Vanessa del Campo, USA, West Coast Premiere
  • Flies, Dir. David Morena, SPAIN, US Premiere
  • Waiting Game, Dir. Jon Bloch, USA, West Coast Premiere
  • The Name of The Son, Dir. Louis Delva, France, West Coast Premiere
  • Day of the Dead, Dir. Monica Alvarez, USA/Mexico, World Premiere

 (Un)clear Intentions:

  • Hearth, Dir. Sophie B Jacques, Canada, World Premiere
  • Woman In Stall, Dir. Dusty Mancinelli, Madeleine Sims-Fewer, Canada, San Diego Premiere
  • At Midnight, Dir. Louis Leuci, USA, North America Premiere
  • Mask Of Sanity, Dir. Fran Casanova, Spain, So. California Premiere
  • Happy Birthday, Dir. Mustafa Toby Eck, USA, San Diego Premiere
  • Washed Away, Dir. Ben Kallem, USA, West Coast Premiere

 Alluring and Enchanting:

  • Tree #3, Dir. Omer Ben-Shachar, USA, San Diego Premiere
  • Engaged, Dir. Dave Scala, USA, San Diego Premiere
  • Flicker Free, Dir. Rickey Lewis Jr., USA, North American Premiere
  • Sancho, Dir. Hugo De La Riva, Spain, California Premiere
  • The Toll Road, Dir. Tom Riley, USA, San Diego Premiere

When Worlds Collide:

  • First Communion, Dir. Ignacio Lasierra Pinto, Spain, West Coast Premiere 
  • Small Ball, Dir. Jake Torchin, USA, World Premiere 
  • Portraitist, Dir. Cyrus Neshvad, Luxembourg, San Diego Premiere 
  • Being and Nothingness, Dir. Ashley Avis, USA, California Premiere 

 The San Diego Scene:

  • Entrenched: Prologue, Dir. Ray Gallardo, USA, World Premiere
  • The Gospel Of Combat, Dir. David Hutchinson, USA, San Diego Premiere
  • The Interpreter, Dir. Benito Bautista, USA, World Premiere
  • Flourish, Dir. Christopher Francis, Co-Directors: Nicole Franco and David Schulz, USA, Southern California Premiere
  • Family, Dir. David Bradburn, USA, California Premiere
  • Children’s Pool, Dir. Toby Gad, USA, North American Premiere
  • Made With Love, Dir. Alisia Palczewski, USA, World Premiere

 Student Filmmaking:

  • The Lightning Man, Dir. Jonathan Goetzman, USA, West Coast Premiere
  • Ghost Tape #10, Dir. Sean David Christensen, USA & Vietnam, West Coast Premiere
  • Yellow Slip, Dir Julia Elihu, USA, Premiere
  • Sonora,  Dir. William Simmons, USA, San Diego Premiere
  • Ascent,  Dir. Maximilian Miesen, Reed Martin, Max Mereminsky, Gabriel Yung, Riley Scott, Noah Hecht , USA, US Premiere

 Animation Filmmaking:

  • Balance, Dir. Raymond Limantara Sutisna, Singapore, San Diego Premiere
  • My Best Friend, Dir. Myriam Ballesteros, Spain, San Diego Premiere
  • Mother, Dir. Ejun Hong, South Korea, San Diego Premiere
  • The Most Magnificent Thing, Dir. Arna Selznick, Canada, West Coast Premiere
  • Grandpa’s Favourite Origami, Dir. Yihan Wang, New Zealand, Premiere
  • The Lineman, Dir. Jay Shipman, USA, San Diego Premiere
  • Shattered, Dir. Suyoung Jang, USA, World Premiere
  • Riptide, Dir. Tony Wisneske, USA, West Coast Premiere
  • The Wheel Turns, Dir. Sang Joon Kim, USA, San Diego Premiere

Stay tuned for more announcements!