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Year Round Film Experiences

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San Diego International Film Festival

VIP Experience

Oct 13-18, 2020

Variety Night Of The Stars

Night of the Stars Tribute

Honoring Film Icons

Friday, Oct 16, 2020

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FOCUS On Impact Film Education Program

Impacting over 3000+ Students

We Believe A New Perspective Can Change the World… Join Us

From our renowned International Film Festival to community screenings and an educational program that impacts thousands of students each year we create opportunities for our community to experience the power of perspective and storytelling through the experience of film. Our screenings foster dialog, understanding and action. We invite you to join the Patron Circle and support the power of film to change the world.

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Night of the Stars Chairman Level access.

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The Patron Experience

VIP Experiences

Patrons of the San Diego International Film Festival enjoy reserved seating, concierge service and other special perks and benefits. VIP Lounges during the Film Festival and special gifts after the Film Insider Series provide an elevated and unique experience all year long.

Behind-the-Scenes Industry Access

Throughout the San Diego Intl Film Festival, you will have the opportunity to hear from filmmakers, actors, directors and deal makers. You’ll learn the backstory on why a film was produced, hear behind-the-scenes antics of the cast, and learn about the process of getting a film completed and distributed.

Honoring Films Icons

Night of the Stars Tribute

This extraordinary evening celebrates the imagination, passion and vision influencing cinematic excellence today and yesterday. Night of the Stars Tribute is the San Diego International Film Festivals premier event.

3000+ Students Served In 2019

FOCUS On Impact Film Education Program

FOCUS ON IMPACT program uses documentary film to explore complex issues — to create dialog, to encourage self-reflection, and ultimately to develop empathy. Through this program, students can take in new perspectives and determine how that information might change their own views and actions within their communities.

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