OCTOBER 18 – 22, 2023

Getting to know Honorary Chairs Candice & Mark Powell

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Candice & Mark Powell, 2019 Honorary Chairs, Awards Viewing Party

We are excited and grateful to have the support of Candice and Mark Powell as Honorary Chairs for our 2019 Awards Viewing Party. Mark & Candice have been an amazing advocates for our FOCUS On Impact Film Tour.

Get to know Candice & Mark Powell in our interview and find out why they share our passion for Making A Difference With Film.

SDIFF: As the Honorary Chairs of this year’s Film Foundation
benefit fundraiser, the Awards Viewing Party, what are you most excited about?

In addition to being part of the best Awards Party in San Diego with some of the most generous and kind people in the world, we are excited that we will also be helping hundreds of students through the San Diego Film Foundations FOCUS ON IMPACT program. This wonderful program uses documentary film to explore complex issues in an effort to engage and encourage self-reflection, and to help develop empathy for the not so fortunate.

How do movies play a part in your life?  

Watching movies remains one of our favorite things in the world. It’s one way for us to decompress after a long day at work. And whether it’s binge watching a Netflix series or feature length show watching movies has and continues to inspire us in positive ways.

SDIFF : What film impacted you when you were young?


For me (Mark) it was definable “Jaws”. I was born and raised in San Diego and spent entire childhood surfing at the beach and when I saw Jaws, I was scared to even swim in a pool. To this day I’m haunted by the first scene of the movie where the girl get pulled under by the shark….that is one movie that left a lasting impression on me and apparently millions of others.

For Candice it was the Oscar winning movie Schindler List, because it’s a humane, powerful, emotional  and heartbreaking story of a person who takes extraordinary risks to save innocent lives.

SDIFF: (Mark)  As School Board Member and former educator
you’ve been passionate about our FOCUS On Impact Educational program – why did it resonate with you?


I have witnessed first-hand just how powerful movies play in the lives of our young people and how movies can help motivate students to take on responsibilities and challenges they never thought possible.

SDIFF: When they make the “Candice & Mark Powell Story”,
who will play you both?


Mark will be played by Mark Wahlberg, both can be a little edgy and Candice will be played by Eva Longoria, both speak two languages, Eva speaks Spanish and Candice speaks French.

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