OCTOBER 18 – 22, 2023

Carlotoribio Oscarnight 133

A Special Message from the Awards Viewing Party Co-Chairs

We are excited and grateful to have the support of an amazing group of women.

Co-Chairs for the 2020 Awards Viewing Party are: Sophia Alsadek, Leesa Davis, Kristi Pieper and Lisa Sullivan. Passionate and active members of our community they believe in the power of film to make positive change.


L-R Sophia Alsadek, Lisa Sullivan, Kristi Pieper, Leesa Davis

Get to know our Co-Chairs…find out who they want to have star in their “life story” and why they believe in the power of film!

SDIFF: As the Honorary Co-Chairs of this year’s Awards Viewing Party 
benefit fundraiser for the FOCUS On Impact Educational Film Program share why you believe film is important AND of course we also want to know who will play you in the film of your life story! 


“Film is a very powerful medium to create empathy and enact change.  It can educate and teach; not just directly, but through the morals told in their stories.  Film offers a release from the everyday and can make you smile, laugh, cry, and think.”

SDIFF: When they make the “Sophia Alsadek Story” who will play you? “I would lovingly be portrayed starring Gwendolyn Christie!”


Film lets us experience each and every story of beauty and darkness, laughter and tears, and love and hate through eyes which are uniquely the storytellers. Through stories we remember that we share more things in common than what differentiates us. Film challenges us to open our hearts and minds. Each generation has concerns for the next generation and how they will face major issues.  “The Focus on Impact”film program inspires the young people of today to view each other through empathetic eyes, challenges them to have civil discussions and debate and reminds them that they are the difference.”

SDIFF: When they make the “Leesa Davis Story” who will play you? “I would love to have Kristen Wiig cast in the movie of my life!”


“Anything and everything we can do thru the magic of film to generate excitement, motivation and determination within our youth, is the future of what dreams are made from.”

When they make the “Kristi Pieper Story” who will play you? “The ever gorgeous – CHARLIZE THERON is my portrayal”


“Films invoke wonder. They affirm and deepen our understanding of who we are. Film can cross the barriers of time, and allows us to experience both the similarities and differences between ourselves and others; real and imagined. AND of course are best enjoyed with popcorn!”

When they make the “Lisa Sullivan Story” who will play you? “The beautiful Margo Robbie of Harley Quinn fame.”

Don’t miss out on San Diego’s most glamorous Academy Awards Viewing Party! Sunday, Feb 9. Watch the awards show in style as you support the FOCUS On Impact Educational Film Program, serving over 3000+ students in 2019.


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