OCTOBER 18 – 22, 2023

Oscar Eblast V2 Copy

Get to know Kristi Pieper | Honorary Chair, Oscar® Awards Viewing Party

An Interview with Kristi Pieper,  Honorary Chair, 2017 Oscar® Awards Viewing Party

SDIFF: You are the Honorary Chair of this year’s Film Festival benefit fundraiser, the Oscar® Awards Viewing Party, what are you most excited about?

KRISTI: I cannot begin to share how honored I am to be a part of this year’s SDIFFOscar® Awards Viewing Party as the Honorary Chair. I cherish my friendships that have opened the door to my involvement with the Film Foundation.  I look forward to being an advocate for the wonderful vision and passion behind the Festival, the outreach efforts for young filmmakers, independent filmmakers and all the exciting things you are bringing to San Diego! All this work takes a dedicated team of people and I am honored to play a small part in driving awareness to the work you are doing! I’m thrilled that for a night we can bring a little bit of Hollywood glamour to San Diego.

SDIFF: How do movies play a part in your life?

KRISTI: Going to the movies has always created a special bond with our family.  When the lights go down there is the sense of anticipation that what we are about to watch will move us in some way, whether an action film, animation or a serious drama, whatever the genre, it will transport us from our normal life if only for 2 hours and if it is a great film, it just might stay with us forever.

SDIFF: What film impacted you when you were young?

KRISTI: Gone with the Wind.  I have always had an interest in the Civil War and studied it for a time.   The magnificence and grandeur of many of those scenes have stayed with me all my life.  I also find the irony of Hattie McDonald in her character as a slave, became the first African American to win an Oscar and did so in a nation still divided by segregation. The Academy  Awards have been a great barometer for the state of our nation, and the stories that make us so unique.

SDIFF:  You are committed to volunteering/partnering with so many worthy organizations, why is it such a passion of yours?

KRISTI:  I am a property manager by profession but a volunteer through passion.   My parents, both 95 years young, have always been an inspiration to me.  Both held careers but found time to give back, whether to our school, church or community.  It is always nice to live by the motto – ’tis better to give than receive’.   You have it held in your heart – it is a part of your life.   I have tried to pass on my passion to my three children, Dane 19 years, Drake 17 years and Nan 16 years.   Through growing up, we have all delivered Meals on Wheels, served the homeless or have stuffed invitations for various nonprofits or created decor for a Gala’s.   My daughter and I are in National Charity League together so our gift of giving continues.    I find my children always wanting to help someone – my daughter has even said “Mom, we need to help that man on the street” and you know what,  we do by giving a can of soup or a smile of compassion. Charity really does start at home and fostering a giving heart and empathy is a legacy I want to pass on to my children.

SDIFF: When they make the “Kristy Pieper Story”, who will play Kristy Pieper

KRISTI: Goldie Hawn -Friends have always compared my joy and bubbly personality to hers.  She always seems to be smiling!