OCTOBER 18 – 22, 2023

Storied Streets Launches 2017 FOCUS on Impact Film Tour

We are excited to announce the launch of our FOCUS on Impact Film Tour, May 2nd – 4th in five San Diego High Schools. The tour will reach San Diego High School students of diverse backgrounds with a goal to educate on social justice and create empathy for social issues. Students will watch the acclaimed documentary film Storied Streets and have an in-person discussion with Filmmaker/Producer Thomas Morgan, former homeless youth Giuseppe Pizano and Sarah Hernholm President and Founder of WIT, a San Diego based organization that works with teens to empower them to become social entrepreneurs and leaders. The film tour provides teens with a basic understanding of social justice, a personal connection to homelessness and an awareness of how they can encourage change and empathy within their own community.

Storied Streets is an acclaimed documentary by Executive Producer Susan Sarandon and directed by Jack Henry Robbins. Storied Streets explores homelessness across America by telling the stories of those who live it every day.  The journey starts in LA and ends in New York covering 13 cities across the country.  The film shatters the stereotypes most of us have about the homeless population. 

“We’ve been working with Susan and Thomas to make the San Diego Film Foundation’s FOCUS on Impact Educational Series Film Tour a reality for over three years now.  And thanks to the support of The Parker Foundation, our dream comes true this year.  We can’t wait to get into the classroom to share these stories and encourage our youth to step up and make a difference.” Tonya Mantooth, Executive and Artistic Director, San Diego Intl Film Festival

“Our passion for making documentaries allows us to shine a light on issues of social justice both here at home and around the globe.  But making the film is only the first step.  To have an impact, the film has to be seen.  We are so grateful to the San Diego Intl Film Festival for their partnership to take Storied Streets into the classrooms where it will make a difference in the overall understanding of the issue of homelessness and provide students with the knowledge and compassion to make changes within their own community.” Susan Sarandon, Executive Producer Storied Streets

How Additional San Diego Schools Can Get Involved: For information on the 2018 film tour, schools should contact Cindy Saylor cindy@sdfilmfest.com

How Patrons can Support FOCUS on Impact Film Tour: To support  ongoing education on social justice through film in San Diego through the FOCUS on Impact Film Tour, interested patrons should contact Merridee Book at merridee@sdfilmfest.com or Click Here To DonateLearn More About the San Diego Film Foundation Patron Circle

About the San Diego Film Foundation

The San Diego Film Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization that is dedicated to making a difference through film. Our mission is to use film to explore issues of global impact, to create dialog, to encourage self-reflection, and ultimately to develop empathy. We believe that film can be transformative. We are bound together through human connection. The San Diego Film Foundation is best known for the annual San Diego International Film Festival held each October. The San Diego Film Foundation also operates FOCUS – a year round educational program in SD schools, The Film Insiders Series, The Industry Insiders Series and the annual Oscar Viewing Party.

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