Shorts Tracks

Experience the complex art of compiling fascinating stories into a short narrative. These new filmmakers condense their genius into comedic, brave, other wordy and dramatic tales.
Americanindianstories HeaderImage

Authentic stories of Native American life.

Animation HeaderImage 3

Immerse yourself within the animated realm through incredible narrative, experimental technique and literal moving art.

Centerstage HeaderImage

Watch in awe as these performers tell complex and beautiful stories through physicality. Give your lips a rest. Allow the body to speak.

Docudrama HeaderImage

These filmmakers take us on an impactful journey inside the hearts and minds of everyday people.

Dramaticfanatics HeaderImage 2

These bold shorts defy expectations, ignore boundaries and illustrate the limitlessness of our imaginations.

Freshonthescene HeaderImage 3

Watch these passionate up and comers tell unique stories and show us what the future of filmmaking looks like.

Globalconsciousness HeaderImage

Global stories that put the spotlight on untold or underexpressed conflicts faced by our fellow humans.

Onpinsandneedles HeaderImage

Experience stories fraught with fear and tension, bubble, boil and BURST. You won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen…unless you’re shielding them in fear.

Outofthisworld HeaderImage

Watch your sci-fi fantasies and curiosities become a reality. You may come to realize our world is not much stranger than fiction.

Sandiegoscene HeaderImage

Local artists and filmmakers tell their stories from within the great city of San Diego.

Shortandsweet HeaderImage

Either by choice or by accident, sometimes the least likely person saves the day.

Strangerinastrangerland HeaderImage

Take the phrase “fish out of water” and put it to the extreme with these unique and impassioned stories.

Studentshowcase HeaderImage

Marvel at the incredible story telling our young generation can produce. What were you doing in high school?


Be warned. After viewing these charming shorts, you will feel a loving warmth swell within your chest.

Twistedhumor HeaderImage

Where funny and irony meet up fully armed and swagger on to the dark side.

Whenworldscollide HeaderImage

This is where unlikely individuals clash; sometimes resulting in friendship, and other times despair.

October 14 - 24, 2021

San Diego International Film Festival

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