Find answers to your questions about volunteering at the San Diego Int’l Film Festival.

Are volunteers still needed for this year’s festival?

Yes! We are always in need of volunteers for the festival. And as our festival grows each passing year, so does the number of volunteers needed.

Is the film festival run as a non-profit or for-profit endeavor?

The San Diego Film Foundation, Inc , which produces the San Diego International Film Festival, is organized as a 501c3 non-profit organization. Like almost every other arts organization and event, the festival relies on the combined efforts of a small year-round team and a large number of amazing volunteers for the production of each year’s event.

What is the time commitment required of volunteers?

Our volunteer organization is structured in teams. Managers and leaders of various teams are volunteering full-time throughout the festival, and also put in a significant amount of time and effort in the weeks leading up to each year’s festival. Sign-up volunteers must give a minimum time commitment of two days totaling 10 hours. Your volunteer benefits increase as you volunteer additional hours.

Do I get to see any of the movies?

Yes. You will earn one screening voucher for each five (5) hours worked. Based upon availability, when you are off shift, you may trade in your voucher at the box office for an individual screening ticket.

What are the benefits of volunteering for the film festival?

Each volunteer will receive a San Diego Film Foundation t-shirt, a volunteer credential, screening vouchers based upon the number of hours volunteered and other special treats donated by our sponsors.

What does a volunteer actually do?

Volunteers are an incredibly crucial part to the success of our film festival. There are a myriad of roles to be had from ushering in a theater to working in the box office, from helping with transportation needs to helping set up for our special events…there are plenty of jobs to be filled. Volunteers are the face of the festival and will often be the first (and possibly only) person to interact with our patrons. You are important!

May I volunteer for more than one team and/or function?

We ask our volunteers to focus their efforts on one team/function. This helps build expertise from year to year and team spirit and cohesiveness at each year’s festival, all of which greatly enhance the guest and volunteer experience.

Are there any required meetings or training sessions involved?

Yes. Managers/leads will have a handful of meetings with festival staff and all volunteers will attend at least one thorough training session with their managers/leads/teams. Beyond the training, all volunteers are required to attend orientation and volunteer check-in. We also hope you will join us at our volunteer appreciation party after the festival.

Is it mandatory to attend a volunteer orientation meeting?

Yes, this meeting is your home for all the information you could possibly need to prepare yourself for volunteering for the festival. We give you an overview of the festival, answer any and all questions you may have and then break out into the different areas for shift sign-up. The meeting lasts about an hour. Our volunteer coordinator will be in contact with you with this information.

Do I have to sign up to volunteer before attending the orientation meeting? I am still on the fence about being a volunteer for the san diego film festival.

Yes, you need to register in advance so we can assign you to a team and allow you to sign up for your shift. If you determine after orientation that you do not want to participate (but we know you’ll want to join in the fun!), We can always remove you from a team and allow another excited volunteer to take your place.

I am a returning volunteer. Do I still have to attend a meeting?

Yes! Remember, this meeting isn’t just about the festival in general; it is about this year’s festival: where events are being held, which venues we are using, and what we will need this year as opposed to previous years. It is where we can inform you of any and all changes from prior years.

If I am under 18 but still interested in volunteering can I do that?

Yes. For those under 18, we would love to have you volunteer to work as one of our street ambassadors. You will help us promote the festival before and during the festival and you are vital to making it a successful festival. We will also seek your assistance with putting together all of our volunteer and VIP packages.

Sounds fun, how do I sign up?

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